Sleeping Through The Storm

“Sleeping Through The Storm”

Beloved, are you afraid and struggling with the present crisis that is plaguing the world?  Well, I have great news for you. One day after ministering to the masses, Jesus decided to take a boat cruise with his disciples.  Being exhausted from the day of ministry, Jesus was relaxing at sea when a massive storm arose.

The geography surrounding the Sea of Galilee created a natural wind tunnel known for its tumultuous storms because of the high mountains and the fact that the coast of Galilee sat six-hundred and eighty feet below sea level.  Fear gripped the hearts of the disciples thinking that they were going to capsize and drown while Jesus slept below deck. Being awaken by his disciples they asked Him saying, “Master, how can you sleep when we are about to die.” 

What they forgot was who Jesus is. This was God on board with them. Just as He would with the storm, Jesus rebuked them saying, “Oh ye of little faith.”  Jesus rebuked the wind saying to it, “quit agitating the water and water; be still.”  The water only became a threat as it was agitated by the wind. I want to encourage you to rest in the midst of this current storm we are in because Jesus is still on board.  The Master is in control of the storms in life.