New Visitors

It would be a real joy to have you as a guest at our church.  A person’s time is important.  We invite you to give us a portion of your time by attending our services.

Your visit allows us the opportunity to become better acquainted and to make a new friend.  We trust your visit will be just the beginning of many blessings.   Our goal is to be the kind of church and have the kind of services that will meet the spiritual needs of those who attend.  The ministries and programs of our church are designed to help both adults and young people find a meaningful purpose in life.

We hope to visit with you soon.  We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our church.  Again, thank you for visiting.

May the Lord bless and enrich your life.  Do not hesitate to call if we may ever be of assistance.  It would be a joy to be of service to you.


Russell V. Penn Jr.

Senior Pastor